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Mike & Jenny – Ch 1? August 4, 2010

Posted by Supercock in Fantasy, Jessica.

This work is a collaboration with a wonderful writer by the name of Jessica from Darkstrap. She describes herself as  “A young woman with a vivid, naughty and explicit imagination”. Well I can sure as heck vouch for that! She invites all comers to suggest a fantasy for her to write about; so why not give her a test drive, you won’t be disappointed!

From Jessica. “This guy came out of nowhere and suggested we write a dirty masterpiece together. What would you have done, girls? Yeah, walk away fast! But, you see, he had such a big …..imagination that I had to accept. It was fun slinging emails back and forth and a hell of a turn-on too! I always wrote with one hand…hehe. Anyways, maybe you’ll hear more from us sometime.”

BTW, if you like this tale, then gives us some feedback, head on over to Jessica and say hi, read some of her stuff, and you never know, there may be a few more chapters of Mike & Jenny. Jessica’s text is in pink and mine is in blue


Several hours earlier their journey started when Jenny looked up from her position behind the bookshop counter and found herself face to face with a guy any self respecting girl would have to call ‘hunky’. She straightened her short black denim skirt and smiled invitingly.“Can I help you, sir?”Jenny’s brown wavy hair rested gently on her shoulders and she moved a hand to flick the fringe out of her hazel eyes. Vacation work in a bookshop was not her idea of a fun time but money was money. To liven things up she liked stand too close to elderly men, rubbing her stockinged legs against their trousers, or bending over deliberately in front of them to locate a book and show off her cute slender hips and ass. More than a few had left with an extra purchase and a swollen cock bulging inside their pants. It was a turn on too when she let her small but firm pointy breasts caress a woman customer’s arm or back. She was sure one or two would be coming back soon.

Now Jenny’s eyes played upon the man’s face and she felt her pussy moisten.

He had heard about this place from a female friend who knew his tastes and desires. She was every bit as beautiful as he had been told. It was corny, but he instantly thought “you sure can” when she asked if she could help him. He wasn’t quite sure yet if she was a tease or would help him in all the ways he dared hope.

He had imagined her hair draped around his cock, or wrapped in his hand as he fucked her face, and when she stood up to respond to his request for a particularly rare book, he devoured her with his eyes. Starting at her wonderful legs, up over her very short skirt, somewhat unexpected in such a seemingly reserved, even dull location, noting a little flash of stomach as she turned her upper body. Was that a piercing? or a trick of the light.

“Follow me please Sir”

As she led him to the back of the store in search of his request, he noted the flash of her eyes, and watched her hips sway deliciously as she led the way.

Jenny smiled to herself as she moved around two customers and neared the alcove which held the more unusual and less requested books. She knew the man was watching her ass and she had given it an extra twitch as she had turned right. His apology to an annoyed customer who he had bumped into proved where his attention was. Jenny moved her right hand nonchalantly up to her chest and flicked an extra button open on her short, tight white blouse. She bit her lower lip and wondered whether his cock would live up to his hunky appearance. Was it long and thin, or short and stubby? A large knob at the end or a disappointingly small head? Shaved or thick with dark pubic hair? Jenny preferred no hair, so much nicer when sucking those balls into her mouth…

Reaching the alcove, Jenny was a little diasappointed to see another customer browsing the stacks of books. This area was often empty. She put her finger up to her lips and sniggered quietly. It was here just last Wednesday she’d given that old guy a blow job. It had taken fucking ages for him to get a hard on and even longer to come. Jenny had thought the shop would be closed before he finally splattered his tiny flecks of cum into her mouth.

She knew what she was doing, this one. She knew he was watching her ass, and deliberately played up to him as she walked away. It was a delicious view, he had always been a legs and ass man and he was being treated right here. She thought she had been subtle with her flick of the button on her shirt, but he had spotted it. He certainly hoped to enjoy those tits at some point, in all sorts of ways, but for now his eyes were focused on the rear view.

They reached their destination, and he was amused to see the hint of annoyance on her face as they rounded the corner and came across another customer. He guessed, correctly as he would later discover, that she favoured this area of the store for it’s privacy.

Walking behind the customer, reaching the section that contained the book he requested, she stretched up to one of the upper shelves. The shirt riding up as she did so, revealing once again the glimpse of her piercing and a tattoo on her hip bone. She could not quite reach, and so raised herself on her toes a little, the movement providing even more definition to her already incredible legs.

She felt him behind her, the heat of his body like a fire through their clothes, as he moved in close and reached over her head to assist her in retrieving the book he had requested. A good 6 inches taller than her, she turned her face into his armpit and could smell the heady mix of his cologne and his natural smell.

Acceding to him, she dropped back to her feet, and as she did so, she felt a hardness against her ass.

Jenny’s head whirled slightly at the domineering presence of the hunky guy.

“Whoops, sorry about that, sir.”

She was 5ft 8in in her bare feet so he was over 6ft and she could sense his powerful muscles through his well cut casual clothes. Out of the corner of her eye Jenny noticed the other customer leaving the alcove, a small volume clutched under one arm. She turned to face the bookshelves again.

“Are you sure that’s the best edition for you, sir? I’m sure there’s an earlier one down here somewhere.”

Jenny kept her legs straight and bent from the waist, shoving her butt up into the air in front of her customer. The short skirt rode up to reveal two firm, cute ass cheeks neatly divided by the thin black line of her thong.

He noted that she wasted no time in showing her intentions and teasing him as soon as the other customer left. It must be tricky to fit in illicit activities whilst working, and certainly the risk of being caught was ever present, although he had a fair idea that would only serve to excite her more.

Bending over, ostensibly to retrieve another edition of his requested book from the bottom shelf, she revealed her wonderful ass. Her skirt could barely contain her when she was upright, and it quickly lost the battle when bent over. The black thong visible between her pert cheeks, was fighting an equally difficult battle to contain her pussy. As she maneuvered a little, parting her legs, he could see the folds and mound of her pussy trying to break free.

His cock hardened visibly from its semi erect state, causing a significant tenting in the front of his dockers. He was glad he had chosen to wear underwear today, otherwise his precum would soon be staining the light material.

Jenny stood up knowing she’d given him a tease. She turned with a book in hand and, as she glanced up, saw the effect she’d had in his pants.

“Maybe you’d like to compare the two books here on the table, sir?”

Jenny brushed past him, her left shoulder running across his firm chest and her hip nudging the now barely hidden erection. He must be ready to burst, she thought to herself as she placed the book on the centrally located table. Opening the cover she leaned forward and turned slightly to her left, her hand resting on the wooden surface. With three buttons undone on her blouse, the man should catch a glimpse of her white bra and the curve of a small, compact breast. Jenny looked up and held his downward gaze.

“Does what you see here interest you, sir?”

Her wide lips smiled broadly and she waited to see if this hunk was just a pretty face with no balls.

What a wonderful view inside that shirt, deliciously pert tits, invitingly hung and encased in her little white bra. He couldn’t wait to get his hands on them, his mouth, his teeth on the nipples, to push his cock into them.

“Why yes miss, I absolutely am interested in this.”

Reaching for the book on the table, glancing quickly to ensure no-one else was looking, as he slid his hand inside her shirt, and cupped her right tit. Not at all phased by his directness, a look of fire in her hazel eyes, she licked her lips, a sheen of moisture making them even more kissable that they were before.

Leaning down towards her as if to kiss, she turned her head upwards to meet his lips, and he diverted at the last minute, to whisper in her ear.

“Close up the store early, I will be back in 1 hour”

“Take off your bra and panties right now and give them to me”

Jenny had gasped inwardly as she felt his hand on her breast, but from anticipation not fear. She stepped back, annoyed at not getting a kiss. Keeping her eyes fixed on his, Jenny put her hands up inside the skirt and yanked down her thong. Placing it on the table, she turned away, unbuttoned her blouse further and slipped out of the bra. She picked up her thong and handed both garments to the stranger, letting her hand linger on his large fingers. With most buttons undone now, Jenny’s blouse fell open and gave him a fuller glimpse of the curve of both tits and no doubt he could see through the flimsy material that her nipples were erect on her wide areolas. Staring at him, watching his eyes devour her, she slowly buttoned up the blouse.

“I hope you’re gonna give me something good in return for those, sir. I’m just a penniless student, you know.”

As he took a step towards her, Jenny turned and began to walk away. Looking back over her left shoulder she whispered “Don’t be late. One hour. Knock on the door, don’t ring the buzzer.”

As he walked out of the door, he lifted the thong to his face, making sure she saw and inhaled deeply, she smelled wonderful, and he knew she would taste even better. He wished he had given himself longer than an hour, so much to do to prepare to have fun with this little one. Fortunately there was a sex toy store in the same area, so he could get most of his supplies there. He got what he needed and soon it was time to head back to the bookstore.

He wondered what she had been doing whilst he had been away, had she been playing with herself, flirting with other customers, or just daydreaming about what he might do if/when he returned. He wondered if the lack of underwear had caused her juices to wet her thighs, or if other customers had stared at those pert little titties and nipples like chapel coat pegs.

 Her nipples had been as hard as nails when she had taken off her bra. He was going to spend a long time sucking and biting those when he got back, that was for sure. The rest would come to him as he saw her reactions. He knew that the best encounters came from his feelings as the situation developed, but this one had a lot of potential.

As he returned to the store, he noted that it was in darkness.

“Good girl”, he thought, she can follow instructions well, that should be useful.

He rapped on the door, no answer, again, no answer. She had better not have left! He tried the handle and it was open, so he went in.”

Jenny had been standing by a doorway waiting to see if the man would return. Having left the main door open she had to be sure some opportunist burglar didn’t strike it lucky. Right on time she saw a figure through the glass. It was him! She nipped back on bare feet to the alcove. Again she listened, and heard the click of the door opening and closing. And the lock being put in place.  Good.

 Jenny went over to the table which she had cleared of books and displays once the last customer had left. Slipping off her blouse and skirt she slid onto the table top, naked. She lay back and felt the cool wood against her skin. Her breathing increased and she started to run her fingertips over her breasts and stomach. Jenny’s nipples reacted at once. Moving a hand to her pussy her fingers glided over the smooth mound and felt the dampness already there. 

The bookstore was in darkness with just a little light making its way to the alcove from the front windows. Jenny wondered if the man would switch the lights on in here, or would he explore the gloom and discover her nubile body waiting for him. She hoped he was going to be worth all this trouble. Not a three minute fuck like so many of the college boys. She had sensed a poise and strength when standing near the customer and thinking of that now sent an exhilerating shiver through her. 

A floorboard creaked.

Making his way through the gloom of the darkened store, he wondered where she would be, then he remembered the table. Sure enough that’s where he found her, and the little minx was naked. Watching from his vantage point as she explored her young pussy, the dim light made it hard to see, but he swore he could see that she completely shaved and her fingers glistened with arousal as she pulled them out.

Moving quickly toward her, he was at once upon her.

“Stop what you are doing he commanded”

“Move back until your head hangs off the edge of the table”

Moving to her head his cock was positioned right above her face. The material of the dockers rubbed against her nose. Starting at her tits, his hands explored her, as he had so much wanted to do earlier. She pushed herself up from the table straining to increase his touch on her skin. He trailed his fingers over her, the electricity in the touch setting every nerve ending afire.

As he approached her pussy he bent over her, so that his mouth could accompany his hands into her dark velvety folds. Tracing the edges with his fingers, the frustration evident in her movements as she tried to gain a firmer contact, but he was taking his time. He was going to make sure she understood that this was no college boy fumble and quickie, but an event that he intended to make last as long as she was willing.

Withdrawing his hands, she decided to take matters into her own hands and reached for his zipper and belt buckle.

Jenny fumbled momentarily to get a grip on the zipper. His voice had been so authoritative that she sensed here was a man who knew what he wanted. The touch of his finger on her pussy had been delightful and he had resisted the urge of so many men to just thrust straight in. But she wanted to see that cock. And taste it.

Her fingers finally found a purchase and tugged down the zip. She manoevred his belt and loosened that too. Now she could get her hand inside his dockers and for the first time she could feel the true hardness and dimensions of his penis. Rubbing her hand up his easily recognisable Calvin Klein briefs, she felt him react and pull away slightly before leaning in so she could grasp his cock through the material. It was thick and long and Jenny groaned quietly in anticipation of putting that in her mouth and between her legs. In fact she began to squirm, rubbing her thighs closer together.

As he stood up straighter Jenny was able to get a hand inside the briefs and released part of the firm member. It sprang out and she caught sight of the magnificent head, full and mushroom-shaped. God, that was going to heavenly as it slipped into her ass! Gently tugging on the erect cock she pulled it down as she raised her head. He lent in, placing his hands either side of her head and held the throbbing cock just above her opening mouth. Jenny flicked her tongue out and could just touch the skin. He deliberately resisted leaning in further, teasing her. Her tongue strained to stroke the cock with its veins standing out and begging to be licked and sucked. She began to move a hand up to grasp and lower it into her mouth, but his right hand very firmly took hers and placed it back on the table. She could sense him taking control and her eyes glinted at the thought of what he might have in store. Just above her face that delicious cock waved so invitingly.

Moving back, removing his shirt and leaning down to her head, hanging loosely off the table. He winds his left hand in her hair and lifts her head a little stuffing his shirt under her neck to give her some protection from the edge. His hand still wound tightly in her softness, he lifts her head and kisses her.

Firmly, authorotatively, letting her know, lest there be doubt, just who was in charge, his mouth crushes hers, lips and tongue probing deep. She hungrily returns his kiss and their passion is evident. His hand seeks out her beautifully formed breast and squeezes it, hard, finger nails digging into her flesh, owning her body. She cries out, close to orgasm already, this stranger has almost made her cum and he has not really even touched her yet.

Stepping back behind her head.

“You may now take it, use your hand only to control and take it in your mouth and then return it to your side”

“Use your mouth only”

Jenny raised her right hand and guided the cock into her open mouth, eager to taste this mystery man. Her breast stung from his vice-like grip but she wanted more, wanted to feel him take her and use her. Any way he desired.

She wrapped her lips around the cock and moved her head slowly up and down, restricted as she was by having to push up to take more of the warm member into her mouth. She could taste remains of his precum as she ran her tongue over his pulsing veins. Jenny let the cock push hard against her cheek, knowing what a turn on it would be for him to see the bulge at the side of her mouth. Then she licked the sides and flicked the end with the tip of her tongue. She circled the large head, running her wet tongue around and under the ridge. Jenny strained up a little further and nipped the sensitive head playfully, making the man gasp quietly. Taking as much of the cock as she could back into her mouth she concentrated on sucking it in and out, increasing the speed then slowing down, speeding up then returning to just a few licks. Her mouth was now full of his taste and her head was swooning with desire.

The man leaned forward a little more and now Jenny could get the penis further in, feeling it rasp against the back of her throat for the first time. Nodding her head back and forth, she could slide the whole cock fully in and out. Forcing it as far back as she could she felt herself begin to gag. Instinct told her to let the cock go but she kept it in there until finally she coughed it out, saliva spewing along her mouth and dripping down her cheeks and around her neck. Her eyes watered as she reached up and took the tool back inside her mouth. Again and again she drove the cock to the back of her throat, each time gasping and spitting out saliva. His cock was soaked as was her chin, with riverlets of moisture running from her neck onto the table.

Jenny looked up into his eyes and smiled wickedly.”

This young woman was proving sexual maturity beyond her years. He could not tell if she had taken a cock like that before, and he wondered if his was the biggest she had ever taken. She certainly worked hard to get it all in her throat for him. Each time she gagged, she came right back for more. He pulled away from her face, a string of saliva triled from the end of his cock to her mouth.

Her face and neck were a mess, but right at that moment, he could not think of a more beautiful face. Taking his cock in his hand, he rubbed it over her face. The saliva trails over her cheeks and nose glistening in the little light that there was.He hoped that it was not an act and that she was as turned on as he was.

Moving to the other end of the table, he brought her closer to the other side. Her tight pussy perched on the edge, perfect height for him slide his rock hard cock inside of her. He wasn’t going to fuck her just yet, but he did want to feel that velvety soft cavern around him, before he got down on his knees to enjoy her taste.

Jenny lay there, the taste of his huge cock still lingering in her mouth, as he moved deliberately to her feet. She licked her lips, sucking in some of the fluid covering her face. She loved the sticky mixture and ran her tongue along her bottom lip. Meanwhile he had positioned himself between her legs and was using his left hand to place that cock by her pussy. Jenny spread her legs wider and wondered if he would simply fuck her and go. She felt the head of his cock nudge at her pussy lips and very slowly push in. It so slow and careful, an expert’s touch. She moaned softly as the cock just entered her and then stopped. She wanted it all in her, feel it ripping her in two, searching for her magical spots. But for a moment he just left it there, seemingly enjoying the tease and the sensation of having his member inside her. Gradually he began to push further and Jenny’s pussy started to strecth and fill. Yet no sooner had he done this than he withdrew. Lifting her head slightly Jenny saw him begin to bend down and lower his head.

A long tongue rasped over her pussy lips. It dragged slowly, it’s tip just pushing slightly in so he could absorb any of her wetness which had seeped out. The tongue continued, gliding over her smooth, soft skin before languidly returning to her pussy. It was heavenly! She had to fight the urge to let go and just cum there and then. She always came so quickly, over and over. But she resisted the temptation and delighted in his tongue working ever so firmly over her increasingly moist cunt. In her head Jenny whispered to herself. “Fuck me, baby. Fuck me…”

Her young hole felt wonderful, tight and silky smooth. It was all he could do to continue his tease and not pound her hard right there and then. He felt every inch of his hardness penetrating her, he legs opening wider, the soft flesh stretching to accommodate his girth, until he bottomed out against her cervix. Their pubic bones bumping together, hers totally devoid of hair spare the little tuft above her perfectly formed pussy, his neatly trimmed balls resting against her ass, the little rosebud he would soon be licking and later fucking.

For now though, he had waited long enough to taste her. Whilst he enjoyed fucking there was nothing he enjoyed more than feasting on a tasty cunt. The flat of his tongue starting at her ass, and licking all the way to her clit and beyond. Her heavenly aroma filling the air, as his tongue separated her lips on it’s journey releasing a gush of her juices and the scent of a highly aroused woman.

Alternating between licking her, he nibbled on her clit and occasionally slipped his tongue deep inside her, tongue fucking her. It didn’t take long for her to start panting and moaning loudly. She needed to cum and he knew it, he wanted it, to drink it. He knew that if he added a finger or two, that would do it, but he was saving that particular pleasure for a little later, no sense spoiling her all at once.

He sucked in her clit to his mouth, and ran his teeth over it. That was all it took, and she released over his face. Not quite a squirt, not yet, but certainly a heavy gush,as she grabbed the back of his head and held him in place, though he had no intent to move.

Jenny had resisted as long as she could. His urgent tongue had delved deeply into her pussy, seeking out every sensitive place, and when he took her clit into his mouth she knew she would cum if he used his teeth on…and he did. It wasn’t one of her normal squirts, something that surprised more inexperienced men, but the spasm shot through her and she held his hair tightly. As she relaxed Jenny felt his tongue licking her juices from within and around her cunt. He was dirty, this one. What wouldn’t he do, she wondered? His tongue moved carefully, lapping at any fluid and delicately flicking her tender clit. Jenny lifted her feet and hooked them around his back, locking him between her thighs. His nose nuzzled the pussy lips and he continued to wash her out like a puppy licking its owner’s hand. Jesus, she would be cumming again if he kept this up!

With a push, Jenny sat upright and pulled his head away. His lips and chin were coated with sticky fluids and she caught a look of pure devilry in his dark eyes. Bending forward Jenny brought his head up to her lips and kissed his mouth, tasting both him and herself. She held his head firmly against her lips and used her tongue to search his mouth for any morsal of sweet tasting wetness. He kissed her back hard, a reminder that he was still in control, and pulled his face away leaving Jenny gasping with long strands of saliva and cum drooling off her lips.

He stood back, his cock bobbing up and down, and looked down at her. For the first time he would be able to see her breasts in an upright position. Although only small, men loved the large areola and the nipples which stood out when aroused. As a teenager she’d been embarrassed when men stared at her protruding nipples when she wore no bra but now she relished their power. He gazed at her, his eyes drifting up and down her body. She wondered what he had in mind next.

She tasted divine, even sweeter than he had thought, than he had hoped. He sucked and licked up all of the juices he could, like it was the last thing he would ever taste. He could feel her next orgasm building, mounting and he fully intended to take it from her, to rip it from her soul and make her scream his name. He suddenly remembered, he had not even told her his name, he would have to rectify that soon.

He felt her moving, and then she took his face in her hands. An almost tender movement, and whilst he enjoyed her touch immensely as she kissed him, she needed to remember that her freedom was limited, there was only one person in charge of this interlude. He kissed back hard, taking her breath away, and pulling away leaving her panting and raw, saliva and cum on her face.

In this position the cut of her breasts was wonderful. Each small but perfectly formed, with large areola and hard nipples, bigger and harder than he had ever seen, almost like little mini cocks. He almost couldn’t wait to have them, but returning to his task between her legs, he continued to lick the remaining juices flowing from her cunt. She had cum some time ago now, but seemed to still be producing copious quantities.

Using his fingers now to supplement his tongue, he slid first one, then two inside her. Her dripping cunt squelched and released yet more liquid onto his hand and running down to her ass. His tongue concentrating on her clit for now, before dragging slowly down to her rosebud. Licking the river of juices being produced by his thrusting fingers as he went.

Lifting her legs up over his shoulders, as if reading his mind, she elevated her butt for his tongue and he slipped the fingers from her cunt for now to use them on her cute little butt. Oh how he loved to rim, and this one was going to be no exception.”

His fingers had returned deftly to her wet cunt, pushing in harder now alongside his tongue. Jenny closed her eyes as his digits sunk deeper, and she could feel his knuckles rub against her pussy lips. She hoped he would soon add more and even ease his whole hand in to fill her up completely. She squirmed invitingly, letting him know he was on the spot and his tongue worked quicker as he felt and heard her pleasure.

Jenny encouraged him further by lifting her hips up to expose her ass more clearly. She loved having her butt licked and hoped he would move down to her tight rosebud. He seemed to get the message and his mouth nudged down and flicked around her hole. “Oh, yeah,” she moaned and spread her legs wider to give him better access. His tongue circled her ass and slowly licked and probed. His touch was sublime, just tickling the rosebud before playfully teasing the little hole. Two fingers were still fucking her cunt and she could feel how soaked they had become as thay slipped in and out more quickly. A hand reached up and glided over her right nipple, sending an electric shock through Jenny’s body.

Now his tongue pressed more firmly against her ass, wiggling and pushing. Under the tongue one of his fingers began to nudge the rosebud open. Jenny held her breath and wondered if he would keep on going or tease her further.”

He had her right where he wanted her, wriggling and writhing beneath his touch. His tongue and fingers probing her tight little ass, as she stretched her legs wider to try to open herself as much as possible. Her juices continued to flow over her skin, making it very easy to slip a finger into her ass.

She clearly had been waiting for it, anticipating it, and was obviously on the edge, but her orgasm caught them both by surprise as she let out a howl, came hard, her ass contracting around his finger, and squirted her juices all over her face. He had made women squirt before, but never had it tasted so sweet; totally different from her pussy.

He licked his lips and moved back up to her face, his finger still embedded in her ass, not moving, just a place holder for now. “Look what you did to my face; I am covered in your cum. Clean me up!”

As she proceeded to lick her ejaculate from his face, he worked another finger into her darkest place, eliciting another deep, low moan from her throat. Working his fingers deep inside her, lubrication no problem as every time he withdraws them they receive a fresh coating from her flowing cunt.

“My name is Mike, pleased to make your acquaintance”

As his second finger slid into her ass, Jenny couldn’t help but cum again, she so adored her tiny butt being probed and fucked. His handsome face now loomed large in front of her, glistening with her own cum.

“Mmm, I’m Jen by the way, Mr Big Cock Man. Aren’t you glad you popped in here today?”

She lent up and kissed his wet lips. The taste of both of them was making her lightheaded. She pushed her right hand down to his chest, located one of his nipples and tweaked it hard. Mike smiled and dipped his head down to repay the compliment on her left breast. Jenny yelped.

“Oooh, that hurt! Do it again! Hehe!”

But instead of continuing to nibble on her erect nipple he disappeared down to her butt again, his two fingers having never left her ass. Now he began to move them in and out slowly, just letting them slip out before re-entering the little hole. Each time the fingers pushed over the entrance she gave a quiet moan and wondered how long it would be before that large-headed cock thrust in there. A third finger joined the other two and Jenny giggled as her ass accepted the extra digit. His tongue had found her sensitive clit again and was gently licking and occassionally nipping the bud. Her breathing quickened as she felt another wave of orgasm sweep over her.

Finger fucking her tight little ass with three fingers now, he could not help but wonder just how many she would take. He knew she would take his cock easily, but wondered if anyone had ever fisted her, either anally or vaginally, he might just have to try that sometime and see how she reacted.

For now though, aching as his cock was, he wanted to do one more thing before he fucked her. He wanted to explore her tits. So perky, so firm, those nipples so hard, and the enormous areola. Pulling his fingers from her ass, with a plop, and licking his way up her body, across her flat stomach towards those small but perfectly formed mounds.

Devilishly, he thought he would see just how dirty this one would be and as his tongue made it was to its destination, he offered her the fingers that minutes before had been in her ass, and to his delight, she greedily took them in her slutty mouth. Sucking his fingers, cleaning them for him, he continued his journey past her tits and showed his appreciation of her filthy behaviour by kissing her deeply, but tenderly this time.

Now for those tits.

Jenny knew she had surprised him when she had sucked his fingers clean. She had seen his eyebrow rise for a second, just before a small smile crossed his face. The kiss was important to Jenny. She had been apprenhensive at times about being locked in with a stranger, a tall, strong stranger. She had her escape route ready but that kiss had convinced her that this guy would be safe.

His head had moved down her chest and his lips were planting soft kisses between her breasts. Both his hands came up and gently cupped her tits before grasping them firmly and squeezing. Jenny arched her back with pleasure. Mike’s mouth moved to her right nipple and began to flick across the top of the hard bud. He seemed mesmorised by her nipple, like most men. He took it into his mouth and slowly tugged it up with his lips. Letting it go, it fell back awaiting the next suck. This time he used his teeth and Jenny groaned. He let the nipple slide out through his teeth, sending a shiver through her body. Again and again he took it, sometimes using his lips, sometimes his teeth. It was ecstasy for Jen.

Mike swapped breasts and applied the same technique, this time using his hand to continue tweaking and massaging the other nipple. Jenny put her hand behind his head and held his mouth on her breasts, not wanting him to stop. He started to nip harder with his teeth and to pinch and twist more firmly with his fingers. Jenny writhed with the pleasurable pain and hoped he would not stop or hesitate to take her over her pain threshold.

He was enjoying her breasts, taking each one in his mouth or his hand alternately. Pinching and sucking, biting and squeezing, she seemed to be responding well to it all. Kicking off the last vestiges of his clothing, he climbed up onto the table, a knee on either side of her slim body.

Bending once again to his task on her tits, she could feel the heat of his body close to hers, his cock flat against her thigh, leaking precum as he enjoyed her flesh. Nibbling on the nipples, then sucking the areola deep into his mouth. His fingers on the other, pinching the nipple hard, gasping as he did so, she wrapped her legs up around his back holding him close to her.

Pinching harder still, biting the flesh of the other, he wanted to see where her pain threshold was, how much she could take, how much she would enjoy. It was an essential piece of information for his intent over the next few days. She didn’t know if yet, but he intended to have a lot of fun with her.

Reaching to his side, he revealed the first of his adult shop purchases, adjustable nipple clamps. Pulling up first one nipple then the other, he attached the clamps, not quite at full strength yet, but very tightly, and she moaned at the firm continuous pressure they exerted. Her large nipples pointed out the end of the clamps and he gave each a playful lick and kiss as he tightened the clamps a little. He took his second purchase from the back and attached it to each clamp. A small chain in the shape of Y with a weight attached, he let the weight fall to her side and the pressure on her nipples increased ten fold.

She started to protest, but he whispered in her ear. “Breathe baby girl, breathe through the pain, you can do it, I know you can.”

His cock was tantalisingly close to her cunt now, every now and then he would move and it bumped against her. He was slick with her wetness. It was time, time to take her, to make her his, to take her to the next level of pleasure.

“Keep your eyes open. Understand?”

She nodded eagerly, and he kissed her again, deeply and tenderly as he positioned his cock at her entrance, and quickly stabbed it deep inside her. The rapid movement delighted her and also caught her by surprise, jerking on her chain and sending bolts of pain and pleasure through her body and straight to her clit, as their bodies came together fully.

Jenny had delighted in the nipple clamps as the tight sensation on her always sensitive breasts often became exquiste. For a moment she had been worried when he added the chain and weight but she followed his advice and kept the pain under control. In fact, whenever she moved now the extra sharp pinch given by the weighted clamps drove her wonderfully mad, wanting to stick her fingers up her pussy and masturbate like crazy. But there was no need for fingers, as Mike’s cock suddenly pushed into her cunt. God, it filled so quickly and completely she nearly came again before he had started to fuck her.

As Mike began to move slowly in and out, Jenny reached up to his chest, playing with his curly hair and pulling and pinching his nipples. He drew his cock back and kept it hovering on the edge of her pussy lips, before nudging it in and out, playing with her cunt, teasing and massaging her. As he pushed forward each time, his body ground against her clit, causing a feeling to match that she felt on her now sore nipples. The combination was making her gasp as she stared up at his smiling face.

Mike reached out as he slowly fucked her and picked up the chain and weight. As he lifted it higher the pull on her nipples became unbearably wonderful. Jenny fought to catch her breathe as he took the weight in his mouth and bobbed his head up and down to match the rythmn of his cock inside her. Jenny dug her fingernails into his ribs as she came again, her cum pouring over his penis.

“More, more, fuck me faster, Mike!”

He was thrusting deep inside her now with every stroke. Holding her gaze and every time she closed her eyes, he reminded her to keep them open. The intensity in her eyes, any woman’s eyes when you fuck her is always a wonderful indicator of her current state. Her eyes rolled back when she came, really hard, her body wracking, back arching as it washed over her. Her most intense orgasm today, she was becoming almost ferral as she yelled at him to “Fuck her harder, deeper, more please Mike, more”

Alternating between slow long strokes, pulling all the way out and plunging deep inside her, to short stabbing strokes, to grinding together whilst imaling her on his cock, was driving her crazy. She was cumming almost constantly, just little orgasms strung together, her body shaking and lurching from one to the next.

He was close himself, all of the teasing, combined with this wonderful pussy he was buried in, grabbing and squeezing him with each orgasm, meant that he was going to struggle to hold on. He was going to have to cum soon, but he didn’t want it to end either, she felt so good around his cock.

“I’m gonna cum baby, where do you want it? Your mouth, your pussy, your face, your tits?”

Jenny couldn’t stop herself from cumming, over and over again. His long strokes hit her where no man had before, sending spasms shooting throughout her heaving body. Mike must be close to cumming to by now, she thought. She could see the strain on his face as he fought to keep going, pumping her in response to her cries of ecstasy. When he gasped out where he should cum, Jenny was quick to reply.

“My tits, baby, my fucking tits, let me see your hot cum!”

He withdrew quickly and flipped his red raw cock up to her breasts which were still clamped by his toys, the weight causing unbelievable sensations as he had fucked her so hard. Mike let out a primaeval groan and his cock spewed out a torrent of white fluid over Jenny’s small tits. He forced out every last drop then offered the dripping penis to her lips. Jenny sucked eagerly, enjoying the joint taste of his salty cum mixed with her own sweet juice. His cock remainded surprisingly firm as she bobbed her head up and down to drink up the moist coating.

Placing her fingers in his cum on her breasts, she reached up with her right hand and he licked it clean. He heaved himself up and towered above Jenny. 

“Fucking hell, Mike! Awesome! I’ve never cum that many times before, with a man. That cock is eatable!”

Standing over her, the last vestiges of his cum dripping from his thick cock onto her glistening body, the wicked smile on his face portraying the desire for her and pleasure he had taken from their coupling…….


1. jessica - August 9, 2010

Mmm, I look good in pink, don’t I?

Supercock - August 9, 2010

You look good in anything!

2. Cheeky Minx - August 11, 2010

Mmmm, that was delicious.

Funny, now I have a craving to buy a book… 😉

Supercock - August 12, 2010

A book, A BOOK??!! That’s what you crave right now..man I must be losing my touch 🙂

3. Cheeky Minx - August 14, 2010

Clearly, you’re not reading between the lines! The craving is for a certain kind of “book lover”… 😉

Supercock - August 14, 2010

I don’t do lines, I usually just go for the direct approach 🙂 Come on over and I will happily browse your pages…….

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