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DLG Finished Me Off! January 31, 2007

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My adventure with Dirty Little Girl is coming to an end, one day there may be more, but for now, this is all we have. You can read the previous parts of this tale, here; part 1, part 2 and part 3.

I smile and let my head fall back. The combination of the warm water and your hot tongue has me incredibly relaxed. I lean back against the wall thoroughly enjoying you. Your soft tongue laps at me gently. You cover me in sensual kisses.

I feel your slow beginning, taking the time to lick every place your cock has touched. I’m slightly sore but your tongue feels heavenly. I spread my thighs wider and feel your tongue delve back to my asshole. After licking around it, you drag the flat of your tongue all the way up my slit. I can’t help but moan. Taking you hair in my hands, I pull you closer. Your mouth massages my cunt as my body gives in to you.

No urgency in our motions, no hurry in our touches. Your fingers languidly slide through my wetness. I’m so slick from my juices. Mixed with the falling water your fingers gain easy access to me. I gasp as they slide inside.

I love it when your body submits to me, I know you like to be dominant, and so it is a personal triumph when I feel you relinquishing control to me even just a little.

My tongue continues to work on your hardening bud, my fingers gently sliding in and out of your once again soaking cunt. Probing you, just two fingers right now, but I know you love to have more. My tongue licking and flicking your clit, each contact starting the familiar and welcome tingles throughout your body. Turning my hand around so the fingers can reach your g-spot, reaching deep inside you, rubbing that sensitive spot.

Your body starts to grind against my hand, and I slip a third finger deep inside you, working them deeper each time, and then a fourth. I really believe if I had smaller hands you would like my whole fist in there. I can feel your pace quickening, your motions become more frenetic, your need for release obvious.

Removing my hand before you cum, this one is going to build over and over before I let you release it. I think it might be my turn to be washed and caressed.

I groan loudly at the loss of your hand. You had me right to the edge. I feel you coming to your feet in front of me and I open my eyes. I look up at you as I try to slow my breathing. I see that mischievous grin on your face as you look down at me. I smile back at you. Two can play this game.

Your now erect cock is right in front of me. Water runs over your body and off the end of it creating its own mini waterfall. You’ve gotten much harder. Your time down between my thighs has visibly aroused you and you’re now fully erect. Sliding my hand up your thighs, I flick my tongue out and lick over the head of your cock, watching it bob in front of me.

I feel your hands on the back of my head, imploring me to take you but I want to take my time with you just as you’re doing with me. When you cum this time, I want to make you beg for it. My hand slithers up to cup your balls as I lean forward again and drag my tongue up your length. Slowly, I wrap my tongue around you, sucking gently before I pull you into my mouth.

I love it when we tease each other, taking each other closer and agonisingly closer to orgasm, who can last the longest before they explode. My cock feels so hard right now as you slowly lick and suck it, long deep strokes, taking me all the way into your throat.

You hand playing with my balls, cupping them, rolling them around in your hand, one finger deliciously trailing around my sensitive spot between my balls and ass. Tracing the route, and sometimes teasing my ass hole.

Surrendering to your fabulously talented tongue and mouth, my head thrown back with ecstasy. I am determined not to cum though, I am going to hold out until you ask for my cum. I am in control right now, although with your skills, for how long? Starting to work my cock harder, trying to push me over the edge to lose it, but knowing you won’t let me.

Your fingers dipping into your own cunt now, at the same time you are sucking me. Teasing and playing with yourself, coating your fingers in your juices, so you can pay with my ass. Do your worst my dirty little girl!

I can feel your hard cock throbbing in my mouth, pulsing deliciously as my lips slide back and forth along your length, hearing you breathing harder, the water splashing down your body as you fuck my mouth slowly, holding back your orgasm, enjoying the sensations of my tongue swirling and lapping greedily around your erection.

But I want you to cum for me, I need you to cum. Still sucking on you, I slide my fingers deeper into my cunt, fucking myself with them, getting them wet, then slipping them out and moving them around to your ass. You groan as you feel my fingertips skid over your asshole, suddenly nervous, but my lips slide all the way down your cock, engulfing you, and you feel yourself surrender. I push harder onto your asshole, and you groan, your cock pulsing harder in my mouth now, throbbing, pleasure and pain rushing through your body as you feel my fingers start to slide inside you, slowly pushing into your ass. You groan hard, your cock pulsing so intensely as I push my fingers deeper inside you, lifting up from your cock for a moment, smiling at you.

“Cum for me,” I whisper, “cum in my mouth… cum on my face… don’t hold it back…”

Those were the words I wanted to hear. I knew you would crack first, and want to taste my cum. Allowing myself to relax and cum will not be difficult as I have been holding it back for such a long time already. Your mouth feels fabulous, your tongue flicking and swirling around the head of my cock is trying to tease my cum out.

Your fingers in my ass feel great and you are almost using that to leverage my cock deeper into your mouth and down your throat. Each thrust feels better than the last and I can feel my cum starting to rise in my balls.

Breathing harder, my cock growing harder and thicker in your mouth, as it swells, ready to explode. Here it comes, are you ready baby? You can feel the first spurt as it travels up my cock. I see you lift your eyes, shining with lust and desire, just as the first spurt hits your throat. Pulling my cock out a little bit now, to be able to taste my cum before it all slides straight into your throat.

The second spurt bursts onto your tongue, and pulling me out of your mouth all together. Sticking out your tongue the third spurt lands right on it, and now each one is landing on your lips and cheeks. You look gorgeous covered in sticky cum, and your tongue is working hard to lick and suck it all off your deliciously plump lips.

Sliding back between your hungry lips, you keep pumping my cock, and alternate between deep throating me, making sure you suck me dry. I know how much you love the taste of hot cum. Satisfied I am clean and dry, you reluctantly let my cock slip from your lips and I pull you to your feet, to kiss you.

Pressing you back against the wall of the shower, the water still cascading over us, my lips seek out yours, and I can taste myself on you, as we once again devour each other’s mouths…..



1. Pandora - February 1, 2007

Oh stunning!

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