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More Dirty Little Girl January 9, 2007

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In my last post, I started a tale that I have been co-writing with Dirty Little Girl, part 1 can be found here. We both get very hot as we work our story, which is still actually in progress, although activity was a little less over the holidays.

Without further ado, I give you part two! I have put my text in blue and DLG’s in red italics. Come back soon for more installments.

I see that you like to enjoy my cock, devouring it slowly, then bringing me closer and closer to orgasm. I know that is tough for you though, because I know how much you like to taste my cum. So close to cumming now, using your face, your mouth, fucking you deep and hard like I would your cunt. My fingers wrapped in your hair, pulling you onto my cock, not that I need because you are taking my cock willingly, urging me on with your moans, feeling it slide down into your accommodating throat.

You can feel my cock swelling, pulsing, growing in your mouth, knowing you are about to get your prize. I groan and hot cum is spurting into your mouth. I know you like to see it, so I pull out and you stick your tongue out to catch it. I am a pretty good shot, and all but a little ends up in your mouth. You lick your lips, and take my cock back in your mouth, sucking it clean, not wanting to miss a drop, but also keeping me hard (again not much of a challenge where you are concerned) so you can feel my cock inside you fucking you hard at last.

I notice that you are dripping cum, I can see it glistening on your cunt lips. I know if I can see it, that you must be soaking wet, I remember how good that tight cunt feels when I slide my cock in. I know it feels like smooth, soft velvet, warm and inviting yet hungry and greedy. It yearns to be filled, you brain sending it signals, your clit throbbing.

After our frantic oral session though, I think it is time to relax, to slow it down a little, and so laying back on the bed, my cock popping out of your mouth, I pull you up to me. My mouth searching for yours, my tongue delving into your mouth, tasting my cum on your lips, my cock butting against your throbbing clit. I know you need me, I know you want me but I am taking the lead right now.

Our tongues swirl together as we both come down from our orgasms. I can still feel your hard cock against me, and while I may need a brief rest, it makes me crave you. My cunt needs your attention. It desires you. Having you cum for me only heightened my arousal.

I press my body close to yours, moving slowly against you, grinding your cock against my sex. I can feel the head of your cock skidding against my clit, pulsing ensues deep inside me. “Make me cum,” I whisper breathlessly to you. ” I want to cum for you.” I take your hand and guide it over my breast and down across my belly. Your hand moves on its own from there and you eagerly find my throbbing clit. A small moan escapes from me as I feel you reach your mark. God, you know how to do that.

I lean off to the side a bit to give you better access. I can feel your hand moving over me, sliding down my wet slit to my waiting heat. Your fingers tease me, testing me, sliding my juices over my already wet lips. I part my thighs a bit and you don’t hesitate to slide your fingers inside me. I immediately clench my cunt around you, loving the feeling of your fingers invading me. Just as quickly they pull out and drag my juices up and around my clit again. Circling, teasing…

Teasing the little hard bud, each touch sending an electric shock through your body, quivering and writhing with arousal. Rolling you over onto your back to really enjoy you. I love that it is so early, we still have so much of this night together. I never want it to end. We will fuck until dawn, and beyond. Our bodies and minds will be spent, exhausted from the physical and
emotional highs.

Pinching your clit between my fingers, rolling it between them, occasionally a finger slipping back inside you. My mouth tracing a path to your wonderful tits, my tongue lightly trailing across your body, and up over the mound of your breast, sucking the nipple deep inside my mouth. It seems impossible, but it hardens further.. Eating it greedily as my fingers become more insistent. I know how sensitive your nipples are, I have experienced the orgasms you achieve just from their stimulation.

Two fingers now finding your heat, my thumb still working on your clit. Each thrust of the fingers rubs my thumb against you. I can feel you starting to squeeze my fingers, your arousal building again, higher. My fingers really starting to work your cunt, my teeth biting and chewing on your nipple, your hips thrusting up to meet my hand. Your juices flowing freely, running down and covering your ass..we will need those juices later, when I fuck your ass.

You look up into my eyes, your unspoken thoughts pleading with me, desperate to have my cock inside you. My need is hard, my need is great, I must feel that soft warmth again. I move on top of you, my body weight feels good, reassuring, as my cock nudges your soaking wet cunt. The tip pierces your lips, slipping inside. The ridge feels good as it starts to open you, to fill you up.

Inch by delicious inch I slide my rock hard cock into you. It feels like it takes forever, reliving the feeling in my mind over and over, wanting to store it forever. It feels so good, so right, such a perfect fit. Your cunt pulses around my cock, welcoming me home, drawing me deeper inside, until you feel my balls hit your ass.

Taking a moment to bask in the feelings, my mouth once again finding yours, our tongues dancing in each other’s mouths. Pulling my cock back out, all the way until just the tip remains and slamming it back in hard and deep, taking your breath away, again, deep and hard, each stroke feels fantastic. One more and I can feel you letting go, cumming hard, gripping my cock like a vise, Your legs wrapping around my back, pulling me deep inside you, your fingers scratching my back, clawing at me as you cum.

I cry out as my orgasm rolls over my body, my cunt pulsing and throbbing around your hard cock. My thighs grip tight around you, holding you deep as the feelings wash over me. I find your mouth and kiss you greedily, wanting you to feel the passion I feel. My fingers dig into your back, trying to hold you there, trying to stay on that plateau. You hold me, your cock hard and erect inside my cunt, knowing that in just a moment I’ll want you to fuck me again, knowing that I’ll need to cum again.

I move against you, my hips starting to grind again, my legs wrapping higher around your waist bring my cunt up to meet you. You know I need you. Your hips push back against me, pushing your cock in deeper as you start to thrust again. I can feel your muscles tighten and I run my hands over your taught biceps. You need to fuck me. Your thrusts are harder, passionate, and I feel your balls slap against my ass with each movement. I move my legs up a bit further, wanting you to take them over your shoulders, wanting to feel you deeper.

A low growl emits from your throat and you grab my ankles roughly as you sit back against your heels. My long lean legs rest on either side of you. Fingers trail up the inside of my thighs and your delicious touch finds my clit again. I watch you as you look down at me, my pussy swollen and red, my juices running over my thighs and down over your cock. The proof of our lust. Your fingers rub as your hips move in rhythm. From this position, I can take the full length of your cock and you take advantage. Your thrusts are hard and calculated. You know I can’t last like this and the deeper your push, the closer I get. I want to hold out, but I don’t think I can. I want to cum with you. I need to feel your hot cum pouring inside me as my cunt
pulses around you.

I love this position, it is my absolute favourite. Your legs over my shoulders, using your muscles to to thrust up to meet me. You never seem to get enough of my cock. Other women, in my past, have complained that this position is too deep, sometimes uncomfortable, but not you, you always want more, want it deeper and harder, knowing how much I love it that you want it, how much more horny it makes me, my cock growing impossibly hard inside you.

Nothing else now, no more kissing, no more sucking nipples, just pure animal lust, pure hard fucking, each thrust slamming deep inside you, your tits moving around deliciously in time to the thrusts. You try to play with them, but can’t concentrate, the feelings deep inside you like a volcano ready to erupt again, make it impossible.

Your cunt feels so wonderful, each thrust met with a delicious heat, a heat, hotter than the fires of hell. Your juices flowing freely, soaking us both, soaking the bed. Your cunt is working overtime on my cock, squeezing it, milking it, and I know like you I won’t last long. I know too, that you are close, close to cumming, close to multiple orgasm, I can tell the signs.

Urgent, hard thrusting, out of control. Again you are cumming, screaming, thrashing, quivering. A mess of pure pleasure, the volcano erupts. Mostly incomprehensible now, but the words keep cumming. Fuck me, harder, deeper, fuck my cunt, fill me up baby, I want your cum.

Your orgasms coming hard on the back of each other, merging together. Your clit engorged, so sensitive it almost hurts. Here it comes, I can take it any longer, you are too good, you know how to push my buttons, you know what makes me cum.

You feel my cock swelling, getting fatter, my hot cum pumping now, you can feel the pulses through your cunt, each one triggering another little orgasm, indistinguishable from each other now. Both of us moaning, cumming hard together, or bodies merging into one.

I know we are both going to collapse after this, we will need to recover, but don’t think it is over baby. My cock may be soft, your cunt may be very well fucked, but there is still your ass, and I can always get hard again with the right persuasion from you. For now let’s see if I can’t clean up some of that mess you made….with my tongue.

I love to eat pussy..here I come…



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