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Dirty Little Girl! January 2, 2007

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Regular readers may have noticed the absence of Cum Slut over the last few weeks. This is partly due to the holidays of course, but more to do with her moving. Never fear, I do expect a return at some point.

In the meantime, I intend to entertain you, I hope, with a tale that I have been co-writing with Dirty Little Girl. She and I started a long long time ago, several months in fact, sharing some fun. I know lots of people co-write these days, and certainly I don’t believe ours to be that different to others, except perhaps in the number of installments and duration.

Of course I also have the honour and privilege of the working with the extremely talented and (soon to be) award winning Dirty Little Girl. Go ahead and vote for her, or me for that matter! Without further ado, here is the first installment of the tale, I have put my text in blue and DLG’s in red italics. Come back soon for more installments.


Arriving on my doorstep ready for the night out wearing a long overcoat and my favourite boots. Black leather, thigh length, and high stiletto heels. I am just out of the shower and only have a towel wrapped around me. If you have done as asked, then there will be little else under the coat. Opening the coat as you come through the door, I am not disappointed.

You reveal emerald green lacy bra and thong, and I greedily take in the view. Pulling you all the way in I push you up against the wall, my chest crushing you against it, my weight and strong body hot against yours, your hands in one of mine above your head, your mouth opens to take my tongue, my hard kiss, exploring your mouth.

The towel has no chance and as my cock grows hard it falls to the floor, leaving me naked and still slightly damp, you half naked and very wet! My mouth moves down your face and neck, licking, nibbling, sucking as I go, moving to your ear and whispering what I have in store for you tonight.

Your hard body feels fabulous against my skin. My free hand grasps you around your back, my nails digging in slightly. The force of your passion took my breath away, your hard cock against my sex has me wet. I melt back against the wall as I feel your lips and tongue moving down my neck.

I suck in my breath as you whisper your plans for me. The words move straight down my body to my dripping cunt. A throb of approval greets me and I can’t help but groan. I slide one leg up over your thigh and draw you closer. Letting you know I’m yours and you can have me as you wish…

My hard cock is throbbing against your cunt, pre-cum oozing out and covered in your juice as it flows from your cunt. Your nails feel fantastic against my back, I really love that and I push my cock harder against you, your hot wet cunt grinding against me.

My teeth and tongue on your earlobe, nibbling, sucking, my hot breath in your ear. My mouth continues it’s journey down your neck, my teeth bared and nibbling as I go. Each contact sending a shiver down your spine, and a pulse straight to your clit. You must have wanted this as much as I as I can hear your breathing becoming ragged. I know that the first time my tongue hits your nipple it will send you over the edge.

Your grinding is becoming more urgent, your need for release obvious. I could be cruel and make you wait, but there will be time later for for that. Right now, I will allow you to cum. My mouth continues towards your nipple, my stubble sending signals all over your body, your skin on fire. As my mouth closes on your nipple, I feel it, your thighs close on my cock, gripping me like a vise, pulses running through your cunt, so much I can feel the juices running down your thighs. You are panting heavily, your body shaking as you cum hard and deep, your knees feeling weak, can’t seem to stand on your own two feet.

Taking you in my arms, supporting you, lifting you into my strong arms, I carry you to the living room to recover. We have a long night ahead.

My thighs are still wet from my orgasm as we lay on the bed. I can sense that you want to take me, want to fuck me, but first I want to repay you for making me come, I want to bring you to the same release, want to taste your hot cum in my mouth. Pushing you onto your back, I kiss your lips, your jaw, your neck, hearing you gasp as I work my way down your body, kissing over your chest, down your stomach, and I look down… and you’re so erect.

Masturbate for me. Stroke your cock. Guide it into my mouth. Fuck my mouth with your cock. I need you to cum for me…

I do want to take you, to use you, to fuck every hole, to fill you with cum, but there will be time enough for that later. Right now I am just going to fill your mouth. I stand over you, laying back on the bed still coming down from the after effects of your orgasm. You have that ‘cat that got the cream’ look that you always have after you cum, and are about to get the cream.

I am playing with my cock for you, the way I know you like. It is so hard knowing that I have your entire body and the entire evening all to myself to enjoy you in any and every way I choose. You can see the pre-cum glistening on the tip and stick your tongue out as a sign of hunger for my cock.

I wrap my hand in your hair, controlling your head as I bring the tip of my cock to your tongue, just in reach. I can feel you pulling to get closer but I don’t let you. Using my hand to control, I start to slide my cock deeper into your mouth. You look up at me, your eyes burning with lust, knowing you will soon have your wish.

Deep and deeper into your mouth, I can feel you open your throat to accept me, as my balls nudge your chin. I can feel you moan and I see one of your hands find it’s way into your soaking cunt. I start to slip my cock in and out of your mouth, using my hand and your hair to control the speed, before taking your head in my hands and starting to fuck your mouth like a cunt. I know that this will bring me to orgasm quickly but I want to savour the experience, so I lay down on the bed and allow you to take control.

Make me cum baby, make me fill your mouth with hot cum….

I move up between your thighs and look at you. Your hard cock slick from my mouth standing so erect between your legs. I lick my lips and crawl over you, taking you once again into my mouth.

Not wanting you to cum too quickly, I start slowly. Languidly licking over the head of your cock and down its length. I swirl my tongue around the base of your cock and lick back up the other side, sucking at you like an ice cream cone. Licking you, savoring you. I lick again around the head of your cock, letting the tip of my tongue trail under your ridge. I love getting you so hard and excited.

Then, just as I swirl my tongue around, I wrap my lips around you and take you fully into my mouth. I let my throat open and slide your full length inside me. I press tight to your cock with my tongue and pull you back out.

Several short small movements and then I take your full length again. Slow then fast, teasing you, wanting to build you up so you’ll have no choice but to cum for me. I suck hard at you, slowly increasing my movements to fuck you with my mouth. Every time I feel your cock start to throb, I back off again and go back to licking around your cock.

But I’m eager now, I want to taste you, I want to drink your cum, feel it sliding down my throat. I take your cock once again and start to fuck you. I know how much you like this and feel your fingers weave their way into my hair, encouraging me, not wanting me to stop. I feel your cock swelling in my mouth and I know you’re so close to cumming…



1. Cum Slut - January 2, 2007

Should I be jealous? I am away for a month and SC is writting nasty stories with someone else. šŸ˜‰ Very hot… I hope there is more.

2. Bad Bad Girl - January 3, 2007

mmmm, very delicious. I think I’m a little jealous too…

3. dirtylittlegirl - January 3, 2007

Such a delightful time we had coming up with this. I’m looking forward to reading it again myself šŸ˜‰
And thank you for the vote and lovely words about me and my blog. You’re such a sweet (and dirty) man. Kisses!

4. Sassy One - January 4, 2007

Love the pic too…
I think I need a moment to myself….

5. Hollz - January 4, 2007

shes bringing sexy back!!!

6. Teri - January 6, 2007

GULP. I am not sure if I should have read that!

7. Grof - April 19, 2008

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