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DLG Finished Me Off! January 31, 2007

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My adventure with Dirty Little Girl is coming to an end, one day there may be more, but for now, this is all we have. You can read the previous parts of this tale, here; part 1, part 2 and part 3.

I smile and let my head fall back. The combination of the warm water and your hot tongue has me incredibly relaxed. I lean back against the wall thoroughly enjoying you. Your soft tongue laps at me gently. You cover me in sensual kisses.

I feel your slow beginning, taking the time to lick every place your cock has touched. I’m slightly sore but your tongue feels heavenly. I spread my thighs wider and feel your tongue delve back to my asshole. After licking around it, you drag the flat of your tongue all the way up my slit. I can’t help but moan. Taking you hair in my hands, I pull you closer. Your mouth massages my cunt as my body gives in to you.

No urgency in our motions, no hurry in our touches. Your fingers languidly slide through my wetness. I’m so slick from my juices. Mixed with the falling water your fingers gain easy access to me. I gasp as they slide inside.

I love it when your body submits to me, I know you like to be dominant, and so it is a personal triumph when I feel you relinquishing control to me even just a little.

My tongue continues to work on your hardening bud, my fingers gently sliding in and out of your once again soaking cunt. Probing you, just two fingers right now, but I know you love to have more. My tongue licking and flicking your clit, each contact starting the familiar and welcome tingles throughout your body. Turning my hand around so the fingers can reach your g-spot, reaching deep inside you, rubbing that sensitive spot.

Your body starts to grind against my hand, and I slip a third finger deep inside you, working them deeper each time, and then a fourth. I really believe if I had smaller hands you would like my whole fist in there. I can feel your pace quickening, your motions become more frenetic, your need for release obvious.

Removing my hand before you cum, this one is going to build over and over before I let you release it. I think it might be my turn to be washed and caressed.

I groan loudly at the loss of your hand. You had me right to the edge. I feel you coming to your feet in front of me and I open my eyes. I look up at you as I try to slow my breathing. I see that mischievous grin on your face as you look down at me. I smile back at you. Two can play this game.

Your now erect cock is right in front of me. Water runs over your body and off the end of it creating its own mini waterfall. You’ve gotten much harder. Your time down between my thighs has visibly aroused you and you’re now fully erect. Sliding my hand up your thighs, I flick my tongue out and lick over the head of your cock, watching it bob in front of me.

I feel your hands on the back of my head, imploring me to take you but I want to take my time with you just as you’re doing with me. When you cum this time, I want to make you beg for it. My hand slithers up to cup your balls as I lean forward again and drag my tongue up your length. Slowly, I wrap my tongue around you, sucking gently before I pull you into my mouth.

I love it when we tease each other, taking each other closer and agonisingly closer to orgasm, who can last the longest before they explode. My cock feels so hard right now as you slowly lick and suck it, long deep strokes, taking me all the way into your throat.

You hand playing with my balls, cupping them, rolling them around in your hand, one finger deliciously trailing around my sensitive spot between my balls and ass. Tracing the route, and sometimes teasing my ass hole.

Surrendering to your fabulously talented tongue and mouth, my head thrown back with ecstasy. I am determined not to cum though, I am going to hold out until you ask for my cum. I am in control right now, although with your skills, for how long? Starting to work my cock harder, trying to push me over the edge to lose it, but knowing you won’t let me.

Your fingers dipping into your own cunt now, at the same time you are sucking me. Teasing and playing with yourself, coating your fingers in your juices, so you can pay with my ass. Do your worst my dirty little girl!

I can feel your hard cock throbbing in my mouth, pulsing deliciously as my lips slide back and forth along your length, hearing you breathing harder, the water splashing down your body as you fuck my mouth slowly, holding back your orgasm, enjoying the sensations of my tongue swirling and lapping greedily around your erection.

But I want you to cum for me, I need you to cum. Still sucking on you, I slide my fingers deeper into my cunt, fucking myself with them, getting them wet, then slipping them out and moving them around to your ass. You groan as you feel my fingertips skid over your asshole, suddenly nervous, but my lips slide all the way down your cock, engulfing you, and you feel yourself surrender. I push harder onto your asshole, and you groan, your cock pulsing harder in my mouth now, throbbing, pleasure and pain rushing through your body as you feel my fingers start to slide inside you, slowly pushing into your ass. You groan hard, your cock pulsing so intensely as I push my fingers deeper inside you, lifting up from your cock for a moment, smiling at you.

“Cum for me,” I whisper, “cum in my mouth… cum on my face… don’t hold it back…”

Those were the words I wanted to hear. I knew you would crack first, and want to taste my cum. Allowing myself to relax and cum will not be difficult as I have been holding it back for such a long time already. Your mouth feels fabulous, your tongue flicking and swirling around the head of my cock is trying to tease my cum out.

Your fingers in my ass feel great and you are almost using that to leverage my cock deeper into your mouth and down your throat. Each thrust feels better than the last and I can feel my cum starting to rise in my balls.

Breathing harder, my cock growing harder and thicker in your mouth, as it swells, ready to explode. Here it comes, are you ready baby? You can feel the first spurt as it travels up my cock. I see you lift your eyes, shining with lust and desire, just as the first spurt hits your throat. Pulling my cock out a little bit now, to be able to taste my cum before it all slides straight into your throat.

The second spurt bursts onto your tongue, and pulling me out of your mouth all together. Sticking out your tongue the third spurt lands right on it, and now each one is landing on your lips and cheeks. You look gorgeous covered in sticky cum, and your tongue is working hard to lick and suck it all off your deliciously plump lips.

Sliding back between your hungry lips, you keep pumping my cock, and alternate between deep throating me, making sure you suck me dry. I know how much you love the taste of hot cum. Satisfied I am clean and dry, you reluctantly let my cock slip from your lips and I pull you to your feet, to kiss you.

Pressing you back against the wall of the shower, the water still cascading over us, my lips seek out yours, and I can taste myself on you, as we once again devour each other’s mouths…..


Showering With DLG January 22, 2007

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Recently I posted the first two parts of a tale that I have been co-writing with Dirty Little Girl, part 1 & part 2 can be found here. We both get very hot as we work on our story, which is still actually in progress, so keep coming back for more.


I lie there, quivering, gasping as you move down my body. It’s all I can do to catch my breath. I feel your lips kissing over me. They linger for a moment at my breasts, licking deliciously over my still erect nipples. I know my body is tired, but I can’t seem to resist you. Sensations fly down through me and I can feel myself becoming aroused again.

Your lips pull at my nipples, rolling them between your teeth as I feel your hand pushing my thighs apart. Your fingers move gently over my swollen lips. I’m so slick with our juices and I can feel your cum dribbling out of me. You gently rub me, massage me and I feel my arousal build again. Your lips leave my breast and trail small kisses down my belly.

I tense sightly, waiting for you, wanting what you’re about to do. I feel it then, you tongue sliding softly against my slit. So warm and wet, such ecstasy. I breath out and relax into your touch. You lap at me, drinking us both down, easing my cunt from our fucking. I close my eyes and let my head fall back, relishing the feeling of your mouth and fingers. My hands drift over your head and shoulders, stroking you softly.

My arousal builds as you lick me a bit more hungrily, your own arousal starting to show….

I am amazed that you are still horny, still in need of me, you must be almost exhausted, I know I am, but I have to have you. I enjoy your body so much, I love your hunger and your passion.

My cock is sliding between your legs and between your ass cheeks, my fingers still working your ass hole, getting it ready for my hard cock. You can feel it slipping between your thighs, rubbing over your cunt, coating it with our juices, making it wet and slippery to slide into your ass.

I can feel your impatience, as you start to push your ass back harder onto my fingers, I know you are ready. Moving my cock to your ass, lining up the head with your pcukered little hole, I push the tip slightly inside. Even though I know you love to have your ass fucked, it still seems like the first time, every time I slide my cock in.

The head pops inside, the little ridge behind the tip breaks through with a pop. Giving you a moment to get used to the feeling of having my cock in there again. Stroking your back and your ass, helping you to relax for the rest. I know you are ready when you start to push back on me and I slowly start to slide the rest of my cock inside you.

Half way there we stop again, my hands playing with your clit, teasing you, the pleasure almost feels like pain on your tired and overworked clit, but again it registers all over your body. Again I feel you pushing back and I slide the rest of my cock inside, until you feel my balls slap against your cunt, and that sends you over again.

Ready to get fucked hard now, screaming as you cum, yelling at me to fuck you, fuck you hard, I pull my cock almost all the way out and slam it deep back inside you. Using your hips for leverage, I pull out again and slam hard inside you…..

I push back against you harder and harder. The pain and pleasure heighten my senses and I want you deeper. I can feel your hard cock moving in and out of me, hitting those sensitive nerves each time.

I reach behind me and grab your hip, encouraging you to fuck me me harder. I hear you groan and feel your cock swelling as your orgasm approaches. Your hips buck hard into me and I know you can’t hold it back. You thrust hard into me, once twice, three times and I feel your cock explode inside me. Your hot cum filling me, pushing out over your cock and dribbling down my thighs. You growl and push your cock deeper emptying the last of your cum.

We collapse on the bed and you slowly pull your dripping wet cock from my ass. Sated, sore and tired, I press against you, my lips finding yours and kiss you softly. Leaning closer, I whisper in your ear, come on, let’s go get cleaned up. I gently get off the bed, taking your hand and lead you to the bathroom. I think a nice long hot shower will do the trick….

Trailing behind you like a puppy, following your delicious ass to the shower. Your ass still slightly open from the hard pounding I just gave you and dribbling our cum and joint juices down your thighs. I know you have been fucked hard and enjoyed it, because you can’t quite walk properly.

I love your shower. It’s one of those huge affairs with jets all over and a seat. Many a happy time has been spent in there with you. I hope you have a big water tank, I have a feeling that we will be in the shower for a while. Starting with just the overhead and side jets, the room quickly fills with steam. The hot water relaxing our tired muscles and aching bodies. The water running over your body, your hair wet and trailing down your chest.

My soft cock so far just enjoying the rest. Taking the soap and turning you around to face the wall. Your hands spread and your legs slightly apart. The shower water running over your head. Starting at your ankles, washing your legs tenderly, gently. Working my way up your legs, around that sensitive area behind your knees. One hand on each leg, working their way up to your wonderful, wonderful ass.

Massaging each cheek with my hands, carefully avoiding your puckered abused hole, and washing the signs of our sex reluctantly from your thighs. Taking my time and enjoying the experience of your soft skin relaxing in my hands. All signs of our hard sex session falling away, soft caresses replacing it.

I sigh softly and surrender to your touch. My body is a bit worn out and the shower feels wonderful. Your hands glide over me, releasing the strain in my muscles, letting me submit to the warmth and feelings.

Your hands are sliding over my ass, spreading slick soap over me, gliding so easily across my skin. I turn around and face you again and smile at you. Grinning, your hands slide slowly up my back, lathering me and pulling me closer as you do. I pick up the soap and work my hands over your chest and let one slide down the front of you to your soft cock. I take it gently into my hand, massaging the lather into it, cleaning it,caressing it. Unsurprisingly I can feel you stiffening slightly. Always ready for me.

I smile gently and bring my body closer to you, moving slowly, pressing my breasts against your chest, your cock against my mound. Swaying, I rub myself against you, ‘washing’ my front with you. My nipples harden as they brush over your soapy chest. Tipping my face up, I kiss you softly…

Accepting your tongue into my mouth, you body feels wonderful against me as it always does. God I could lose myself in those gorgeous deep eyes. I can feel us both becoming aroused again, but it is way to soon for either of us to go again, no matter what our bodies are trying to tell us. I want to relax and really enjoy you in the shower, a far cry from some of our earlier frantic action.

Your body feels like it is literally melting into me, your arms around my neck, mine around your back, pulling you in closer. Our mouths locked, our tongues intertwined. Slow deliberate kissing, the kind that could last all day long. My hands still soapy, washing your back. Strong fingers working into your tired muscles, almost painful, not quite, working away the tightness of our earlier activities.

Working their way up your back, over your shoulder blades to your collar bone, my thumbs and fingers finding all of those bunched up spots. Hard fingers ridding you of all the tensions, becoming so relaxed, I fear you may collapse on the floor 🙂

Moving you backward to the seat, and sitting you down, I reach for your shampoo. I love to wash your hair, it always feels so intimate, and it means I can give you a head massage too. As I start to rub the shampoo into your hair, my semi hard cock hangs invitingly in front of your face.

My eyes close as I relax back into the seat. Your hands are soft yet firm on my head. I feel the warm water washing over me. The lather quickly forms in your hands. My body relaxes more as your fingers knead my scalp. Tension drains more.

I slowly open my eyes. I smile up at you and your heavenly fingers. My hands move up and over your hips, caressing your thighs. Your half erect cock, hangs between your thighs.

I watch as the water swirls over your skin, pooling at your feet. I slide my fingers back and forth over your skin, moving in time with your own hands. I move my hands up to your ass, massaging your muscles, enjoying what I feel. You tense briefly, but quickly submit to my touch.

Your hands wash over my hair, rinsing the soap. You tilt my head back thoughtfully and continue to rinse the water from me. My hands continue to work over your tired muscles, back down your outer thighs. You lean over me to reach the back of my head and I take the opportunity to draw you into my mouth…

I can feel your hands on my ass, drawing me closer and deeper, my soft cock in your hot mouth. I love it when you do that, when I can feel my cock growing and hardening in your mouth as you suck me. Flicking your tongue around the tip, under my foreskin. Occasionally your teeth grazing me as you play with your soft toy, making it harder and harder until it completely fills your mouth and throat again.

My hands are still working on your head, massaging the back of your head and washing your hair as it trails down your back. Grabbing a handful I pull you off my cock, your eyes looking up at me gleefully, proud of your work, a little string of saliva trails from my cock to your lips. Bending down to kiss you again, delighting in the taste of my precum on your tongue.

Standing back up to finish your hair using my hands to keep your mouth just out of reach of my cock, every now and then the tip brushing your lips, your tongue snaking out to lick it, trying to suck it in. Your hands working on my ass, playing with it, your finger dipping into my asshole now and then, each time sending delicious shivers up my body.

Finishing your hair, and dropping to my knees, I gently spread your thighs, my tongue seeking your heat.

More Dirty Little Girl January 9, 2007

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In my last post, I started a tale that I have been co-writing with Dirty Little Girl, part 1 can be found here. We both get very hot as we work our story, which is still actually in progress, although activity was a little less over the holidays.

Without further ado, I give you part two! I have put my text in blue and DLG’s in red italics. Come back soon for more installments.

I see that you like to enjoy my cock, devouring it slowly, then bringing me closer and closer to orgasm. I know that is tough for you though, because I know how much you like to taste my cum. So close to cumming now, using your face, your mouth, fucking you deep and hard like I would your cunt. My fingers wrapped in your hair, pulling you onto my cock, not that I need because you are taking my cock willingly, urging me on with your moans, feeling it slide down into your accommodating throat.

You can feel my cock swelling, pulsing, growing in your mouth, knowing you are about to get your prize. I groan and hot cum is spurting into your mouth. I know you like to see it, so I pull out and you stick your tongue out to catch it. I am a pretty good shot, and all but a little ends up in your mouth. You lick your lips, and take my cock back in your mouth, sucking it clean, not wanting to miss a drop, but also keeping me hard (again not much of a challenge where you are concerned) so you can feel my cock inside you fucking you hard at last.

I notice that you are dripping cum, I can see it glistening on your cunt lips. I know if I can see it, that you must be soaking wet, I remember how good that tight cunt feels when I slide my cock in. I know it feels like smooth, soft velvet, warm and inviting yet hungry and greedy. It yearns to be filled, you brain sending it signals, your clit throbbing.

After our frantic oral session though, I think it is time to relax, to slow it down a little, and so laying back on the bed, my cock popping out of your mouth, I pull you up to me. My mouth searching for yours, my tongue delving into your mouth, tasting my cum on your lips, my cock butting against your throbbing clit. I know you need me, I know you want me but I am taking the lead right now.

Our tongues swirl together as we both come down from our orgasms. I can still feel your hard cock against me, and while I may need a brief rest, it makes me crave you. My cunt needs your attention. It desires you. Having you cum for me only heightened my arousal.

I press my body close to yours, moving slowly against you, grinding your cock against my sex. I can feel the head of your cock skidding against my clit, pulsing ensues deep inside me. “Make me cum,” I whisper breathlessly to you. ” I want to cum for you.” I take your hand and guide it over my breast and down across my belly. Your hand moves on its own from there and you eagerly find my throbbing clit. A small moan escapes from me as I feel you reach your mark. God, you know how to do that.

I lean off to the side a bit to give you better access. I can feel your hand moving over me, sliding down my wet slit to my waiting heat. Your fingers tease me, testing me, sliding my juices over my already wet lips. I part my thighs a bit and you don’t hesitate to slide your fingers inside me. I immediately clench my cunt around you, loving the feeling of your fingers invading me. Just as quickly they pull out and drag my juices up and around my clit again. Circling, teasing…

Teasing the little hard bud, each touch sending an electric shock through your body, quivering and writhing with arousal. Rolling you over onto your back to really enjoy you. I love that it is so early, we still have so much of this night together. I never want it to end. We will fuck until dawn, and beyond. Our bodies and minds will be spent, exhausted from the physical and
emotional highs.

Pinching your clit between my fingers, rolling it between them, occasionally a finger slipping back inside you. My mouth tracing a path to your wonderful tits, my tongue lightly trailing across your body, and up over the mound of your breast, sucking the nipple deep inside my mouth. It seems impossible, but it hardens further.. Eating it greedily as my fingers become more insistent. I know how sensitive your nipples are, I have experienced the orgasms you achieve just from their stimulation.

Two fingers now finding your heat, my thumb still working on your clit. Each thrust of the fingers rubs my thumb against you. I can feel you starting to squeeze my fingers, your arousal building again, higher. My fingers really starting to work your cunt, my teeth biting and chewing on your nipple, your hips thrusting up to meet my hand. Your juices flowing freely, running down and covering your ass..we will need those juices later, when I fuck your ass.

You look up into my eyes, your unspoken thoughts pleading with me, desperate to have my cock inside you. My need is hard, my need is great, I must feel that soft warmth again. I move on top of you, my body weight feels good, reassuring, as my cock nudges your soaking wet cunt. The tip pierces your lips, slipping inside. The ridge feels good as it starts to open you, to fill you up.

Inch by delicious inch I slide my rock hard cock into you. It feels like it takes forever, reliving the feeling in my mind over and over, wanting to store it forever. It feels so good, so right, such a perfect fit. Your cunt pulses around my cock, welcoming me home, drawing me deeper inside, until you feel my balls hit your ass.

Taking a moment to bask in the feelings, my mouth once again finding yours, our tongues dancing in each other’s mouths. Pulling my cock back out, all the way until just the tip remains and slamming it back in hard and deep, taking your breath away, again, deep and hard, each stroke feels fantastic. One more and I can feel you letting go, cumming hard, gripping my cock like a vise, Your legs wrapping around my back, pulling me deep inside you, your fingers scratching my back, clawing at me as you cum.

I cry out as my orgasm rolls over my body, my cunt pulsing and throbbing around your hard cock. My thighs grip tight around you, holding you deep as the feelings wash over me. I find your mouth and kiss you greedily, wanting you to feel the passion I feel. My fingers dig into your back, trying to hold you there, trying to stay on that plateau. You hold me, your cock hard and erect inside my cunt, knowing that in just a moment I’ll want you to fuck me again, knowing that I’ll need to cum again.

I move against you, my hips starting to grind again, my legs wrapping higher around your waist bring my cunt up to meet you. You know I need you. Your hips push back against me, pushing your cock in deeper as you start to thrust again. I can feel your muscles tighten and I run my hands over your taught biceps. You need to fuck me. Your thrusts are harder, passionate, and I feel your balls slap against my ass with each movement. I move my legs up a bit further, wanting you to take them over your shoulders, wanting to feel you deeper.

A low growl emits from your throat and you grab my ankles roughly as you sit back against your heels. My long lean legs rest on either side of you. Fingers trail up the inside of my thighs and your delicious touch finds my clit again. I watch you as you look down at me, my pussy swollen and red, my juices running over my thighs and down over your cock. The proof of our lust. Your fingers rub as your hips move in rhythm. From this position, I can take the full length of your cock and you take advantage. Your thrusts are hard and calculated. You know I can’t last like this and the deeper your push, the closer I get. I want to hold out, but I don’t think I can. I want to cum with you. I need to feel your hot cum pouring inside me as my cunt
pulses around you.

I love this position, it is my absolute favourite. Your legs over my shoulders, using your muscles to to thrust up to meet me. You never seem to get enough of my cock. Other women, in my past, have complained that this position is too deep, sometimes uncomfortable, but not you, you always want more, want it deeper and harder, knowing how much I love it that you want it, how much more horny it makes me, my cock growing impossibly hard inside you.

Nothing else now, no more kissing, no more sucking nipples, just pure animal lust, pure hard fucking, each thrust slamming deep inside you, your tits moving around deliciously in time to the thrusts. You try to play with them, but can’t concentrate, the feelings deep inside you like a volcano ready to erupt again, make it impossible.

Your cunt feels so wonderful, each thrust met with a delicious heat, a heat, hotter than the fires of hell. Your juices flowing freely, soaking us both, soaking the bed. Your cunt is working overtime on my cock, squeezing it, milking it, and I know like you I won’t last long. I know too, that you are close, close to cumming, close to multiple orgasm, I can tell the signs.

Urgent, hard thrusting, out of control. Again you are cumming, screaming, thrashing, quivering. A mess of pure pleasure, the volcano erupts. Mostly incomprehensible now, but the words keep cumming. Fuck me, harder, deeper, fuck my cunt, fill me up baby, I want your cum.

Your orgasms coming hard on the back of each other, merging together. Your clit engorged, so sensitive it almost hurts. Here it comes, I can take it any longer, you are too good, you know how to push my buttons, you know what makes me cum.

You feel my cock swelling, getting fatter, my hot cum pumping now, you can feel the pulses through your cunt, each one triggering another little orgasm, indistinguishable from each other now. Both of us moaning, cumming hard together, or bodies merging into one.

I know we are both going to collapse after this, we will need to recover, but don’t think it is over baby. My cock may be soft, your cunt may be very well fucked, but there is still your ass, and I can always get hard again with the right persuasion from you. For now let’s see if I can’t clean up some of that mess you made….with my tongue.

I love to eat pussy..here I come…

Dirty Little Girl! January 2, 2007

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Regular readers may have noticed the absence of Cum Slut over the last few weeks. This is partly due to the holidays of course, but more to do with her moving. Never fear, I do expect a return at some point.

In the meantime, I intend to entertain you, I hope, with a tale that I have been co-writing with Dirty Little Girl. She and I started a long long time ago, several months in fact, sharing some fun. I know lots of people co-write these days, and certainly I don’t believe ours to be that different to others, except perhaps in the number of installments and duration.

Of course I also have the honour and privilege of the working with the extremely talented and (soon to be) award winning Dirty Little Girl. Go ahead and vote for her, or me for that matter! Without further ado, here is the first installment of the tale, I have put my text in blue and DLG’s in red italics. Come back soon for more installments.


Arriving on my doorstep ready for the night out wearing a long overcoat and my favourite boots. Black leather, thigh length, and high stiletto heels. I am just out of the shower and only have a towel wrapped around me. If you have done as asked, then there will be little else under the coat. Opening the coat as you come through the door, I am not disappointed.

You reveal emerald green lacy bra and thong, and I greedily take in the view. Pulling you all the way in I push you up against the wall, my chest crushing you against it, my weight and strong body hot against yours, your hands in one of mine above your head, your mouth opens to take my tongue, my hard kiss, exploring your mouth.

The towel has no chance and as my cock grows hard it falls to the floor, leaving me naked and still slightly damp, you half naked and very wet! My mouth moves down your face and neck, licking, nibbling, sucking as I go, moving to your ear and whispering what I have in store for you tonight.

Your hard body feels fabulous against my skin. My free hand grasps you around your back, my nails digging in slightly. The force of your passion took my breath away, your hard cock against my sex has me wet. I melt back against the wall as I feel your lips and tongue moving down my neck.

I suck in my breath as you whisper your plans for me. The words move straight down my body to my dripping cunt. A throb of approval greets me and I can’t help but groan. I slide one leg up over your thigh and draw you closer. Letting you know I’m yours and you can have me as you wish…

My hard cock is throbbing against your cunt, pre-cum oozing out and covered in your juice as it flows from your cunt. Your nails feel fantastic against my back, I really love that and I push my cock harder against you, your hot wet cunt grinding against me.

My teeth and tongue on your earlobe, nibbling, sucking, my hot breath in your ear. My mouth continues it’s journey down your neck, my teeth bared and nibbling as I go. Each contact sending a shiver down your spine, and a pulse straight to your clit. You must have wanted this as much as I as I can hear your breathing becoming ragged. I know that the first time my tongue hits your nipple it will send you over the edge.

Your grinding is becoming more urgent, your need for release obvious. I could be cruel and make you wait, but there will be time later for for that. Right now, I will allow you to cum. My mouth continues towards your nipple, my stubble sending signals all over your body, your skin on fire. As my mouth closes on your nipple, I feel it, your thighs close on my cock, gripping me like a vise, pulses running through your cunt, so much I can feel the juices running down your thighs. You are panting heavily, your body shaking as you cum hard and deep, your knees feeling weak, can’t seem to stand on your own two feet.

Taking you in my arms, supporting you, lifting you into my strong arms, I carry you to the living room to recover. We have a long night ahead.

My thighs are still wet from my orgasm as we lay on the bed. I can sense that you want to take me, want to fuck me, but first I want to repay you for making me come, I want to bring you to the same release, want to taste your hot cum in my mouth. Pushing you onto your back, I kiss your lips, your jaw, your neck, hearing you gasp as I work my way down your body, kissing over your chest, down your stomach, and I look down… and you’re so erect.

Masturbate for me. Stroke your cock. Guide it into my mouth. Fuck my mouth with your cock. I need you to cum for me…

I do want to take you, to use you, to fuck every hole, to fill you with cum, but there will be time enough for that later. Right now I am just going to fill your mouth. I stand over you, laying back on the bed still coming down from the after effects of your orgasm. You have that ‘cat that got the cream’ look that you always have after you cum, and are about to get the cream.

I am playing with my cock for you, the way I know you like. It is so hard knowing that I have your entire body and the entire evening all to myself to enjoy you in any and every way I choose. You can see the pre-cum glistening on the tip and stick your tongue out as a sign of hunger for my cock.

I wrap my hand in your hair, controlling your head as I bring the tip of my cock to your tongue, just in reach. I can feel you pulling to get closer but I don’t let you. Using my hand to control, I start to slide my cock deeper into your mouth. You look up at me, your eyes burning with lust, knowing you will soon have your wish.

Deep and deeper into your mouth, I can feel you open your throat to accept me, as my balls nudge your chin. I can feel you moan and I see one of your hands find it’s way into your soaking cunt. I start to slip my cock in and out of your mouth, using my hand and your hair to control the speed, before taking your head in my hands and starting to fuck your mouth like a cunt. I know that this will bring me to orgasm quickly but I want to savour the experience, so I lay down on the bed and allow you to take control.

Make me cum baby, make me fill your mouth with hot cum….

I move up between your thighs and look at you. Your hard cock slick from my mouth standing so erect between your legs. I lick my lips and crawl over you, taking you once again into my mouth.

Not wanting you to cum too quickly, I start slowly. Languidly licking over the head of your cock and down its length. I swirl my tongue around the base of your cock and lick back up the other side, sucking at you like an ice cream cone. Licking you, savoring you. I lick again around the head of your cock, letting the tip of my tongue trail under your ridge. I love getting you so hard and excited.

Then, just as I swirl my tongue around, I wrap my lips around you and take you fully into my mouth. I let my throat open and slide your full length inside me. I press tight to your cock with my tongue and pull you back out.

Several short small movements and then I take your full length again. Slow then fast, teasing you, wanting to build you up so you’ll have no choice but to cum for me. I suck hard at you, slowly increasing my movements to fuck you with my mouth. Every time I feel your cock start to throb, I back off again and go back to licking around your cock.

But I’m eager now, I want to taste you, I want to drink your cum, feel it sliding down my throat. I take your cock once again and start to fuck you. I know how much you like this and feel your fingers weave their way into my hair, encouraging me, not wanting me to stop. I feel your cock swelling in my mouth and I know you’re so close to cumming…